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Very often, two spouses going through a divorce have very different ideas about whether spousal support (aka alimony) is appropriate, and if so, how much should be awarded. Under Nevada law, these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis with no specific formula.

If you expect spousal support to become an issue in your divorce case, it is important to hire a lawyer with experience in this area. At Mullins Law Firm, our Las Vegas alimony attorneys have helped many clients in southern Nevada pursue fair and equitable spousal support awards.

Understanding How Alimony Decisions Are Made

The purpose of alimony is that when one spouse has become financially dependent on the other during their marriage, that spouse should continue to receive support after the divorce. This support may be only temporary, though permanent and rehabilitative alimony is awarded in some cases.

If your spousal support case is litigated before a judge, he or she will take into account many different factors affecting the financial positions of both parties.

Typically, alimony is only awarded in cases where there is already a substantial disparity between the parties' incomes. Each party's educational and work background, as well as each party's share of the marital assets and child custody, will also be given due consideration.

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At Mullins Law Firm, we carefully evaluate the facts of each case to determine what steps our clients can take to pursue the most favorable spousal support outcomes. To discuss your alimony case with our family law attorneys, please contact us at 702-878-7288 or by e-mail.