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Las Vegas Marital Property Division Attorneys

Dividing Businesses and Large Marital Estates in Divorce

If your divorce case is going to involve the division of a family business or other substantial assets, you need a lawyer who is prepared to ensure that all of your and your spouse's community property and debts are properly valuated and fairly and equitably distributed.

At Mullins Law Firm, our Las Vegas marital property division lawyers have the experience and insight to help clients resolve complex issues involving substantial amounts in controversy. Each of the attorneys at our firm has more than 20 years of Nevada litigation experience.

Addressing Complex Community Property Division Issues

Large and complex marital estates can both raise the stakes in a divorce case and increase the difficulty of untangling marital property. At Mullins Law Firm, our attorneys are prepared to assist clients with issues affecting the division of marital assets, including the following:

  • Business valuation: If either party to your divorce owns a business or a portion of a closely held business, we can help you pursue a fair and accurate business valuation.
  • Family business issues: If a family business is your major marital asset, our firm will help pursue an outcome that keeps the business running while being fair to each spouse.
  • Substantial assets: When substantial incomes or assets are involved, every decision can have major consequences. We have the experience to address these concerns, including cash flow, valuation and management of these assets during the divorce process and afterward.
  • Estate planning issues: If you have a complex estate plan, especially one involving trusts, our attorneys will make sure your plan is properly adjusted in light of your divorce.

If substantial assets or assets that you need to earn your livelihood are at stake in your divorce, we will work hard to pursue a settlement or judgment that protects your interests. To discuss your case, contact us at our offices in Summerlin at 702-878-7288 or by e-mail.