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Children have a right to parental care and financial support from both of their parents. But in Nevada, when a child is born outside of a marital relationship, a paternity claim is necessary to establish those rights so that child custody and support arrangements can be put in place.

At Mullins Law Firm, our Las Vegas paternity lawyers provide high-quality legal representation to unmarried parents in paternity cases. Whether you are the parent of a newborn child or you need to formally establish parental rights and responsibilities for any other reason, we can help.

Understanding the Importance of Establishing Paternity

In Nevada, when a child is born outside of marriage, the mother has sole legal and primary physical custody until the first court order is obtained. And the father of a child born out of wedlock has a duty to pay support even prior to a court order being obtained. This is the case even if the father's name is on the birth certificate and nobody doubts the child's paternity.

A paternity case can be brought at any time. Typically, custody and support become issues either right after a child is born or after an unmarried couple with children has broken up.

Our attorneys assist clients with all aspects of paternity, child custody and child support cases. In cases where there is some uncertainty about paternity, the court can order DNA testing. We can provide insight and advice regarding when it is advisable to pursue a paternity test.

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Our firm has extensive experience advocating for mothers' and fathers' rights in paternity cases. We are committed to providing personal attention to every case we accept. To discuss your case with our attorneys, please contact us today at 702-878-7288 or by e-mail.